Monday, August 29, 2005

Tales from a Tro-Tro: Direction Tudu--The Afternoon in Pictures

Friday was a rather uneventful day, save for the fact that I was crammed -- like the proverbial sardine -- for around one hour as I travelled from East Legon to the centre of the capital, near the so-called Central Business District, to go buy some electricity top-up for the weekend.

It started with the tro-tro below, and the rest, as they say, is...

inside the tro-tro. The blue things you see on the left is my leg, wearing black trousers. That metal thing was exuding HEAT like I had never seen before. I thought just for a split-second of my ancestors of yore who were crammed like sardines in that ship that was headed for an unknown destination to their unknown fates... Posted by Picasa

en route to Tudu, direction airport residential. Just across the Tetteh-Quarshie circle Posted by Picasa

a few minutes later, just going under the overpass that flows from Tema motorway towards North Dzorwolu, SHELL, NESTLE, and CRESTA ROYALE HOTEL respectively Posted by Picasa

just gone under the overpass. That big building in the background used to be a hotel. That car passing is that ever-ubiquitous taxi Posted by Picasa

About fifteen minutes later, among a sea of taxis and tro-tros, I find myself stuck in traffic. Turns out...

...that THIS had happened, and police were chasing armed robbers who escaped the scene of a foiled robbery, in Adabraka (home of CITI-FM97.3), not too far from the the National Theatre.
In the unlikely event that you cannot read that link, pls find it pasted below

Police Foil Robbery
Saturday, 27 August 2005
The Police yesterday, Friday, August, 26, 2005 foiled a robbery attempt at the Equinox Group of Companies, a debt collecting and credit rating firm at Adabraka, Accra, after a fierce gun battle with the robbers.

The leader of the robbers, affectionately called Wounded Lion, described by the police as a very notorious armed robber who had been on the police wanted list for sometime now, was killed in the battle and his two accomplices arrested.

The Accra Regional Police Commander, Mr Douglas Akrofi Asiedu, who disclosed this to newsmen in Accra yesterday, said at about 11.30am, the police had a tip-off that the company would be robbed. He said a team of plain-clothes policemen were immediately dispatched to the area near the Glenns Night Cub in unmarked police vehicles and they laid ambush in the area. Mr Asiedu said soon afterwards, three robbers, armed with locally manufactured pistols arrived on a motorbike and entered the company's premises.

He indicated that as soon as they entered, they started firing shots to scare the workers but eh police immediately returned the fire and when they realised that they had been surrounded, Wounded Lion fired at one of the policemen but the bullet missed him narrowly.

The Commander said Wounded Lion continued firing and his two accomplices, Atta Kwabena, 29 and Shaibu Awudu, 21, sensing danger, tried to escape but they were both arrested. A Yahama motorbike with registration number GW 1403 used by the robbers has been impounded by the police. He stated that Wounded Lion sustained gunshot wounds in the battle and died while he was being conveyed to the Police Hospital.

 Posted by Picasa

The green-and-white van is also a tro-tro. That ship-like structure in the background is the National Theatre Posted by Picasa

National Theatre on the right; SSNIT Pension House; and in the background (behind the trees), Premier House, which houses ACS, where my significant other works, and the West African Monetary Institute Posted by Picasa

THIS is the entrance to the West African Monetary Institute. SG-SSB (red and black logo) is on the centre, and right Posted by Picasa

Premier Towers in its FULL Glory. Glory, cos that's where she works. But I think I already said that, didn't I?  Posted by Picasa

At the electricity place, near Tudu, I sighted OBRAFOUR's K7... Posted by Picasa

Now Obrafour has been praised by all and sundry, and here are some juicy quotes from

Obrafour, as captured by website Posted by Picasa

  • obrafour is the best thing that ever haoppened tu ghana music.i think ghanaians should look at the word in the song and not just listing tu the wonder he is the rap'sofour'.

  • He is numero uno

  • obrafour is simply the best and will always be cuz his style is different and no one knows where he gets his lyrics from.actually, i nearly got mad when i heard the remix of oye hene and what touches me most is his instrumentals made by hammer of " the last 2 " he is indeed "ghana rap sofour "

  • Obrafour undoubtedly is the best thing to happen to ghanian music after Osibisa and Rockstone. reggie Set the pace obrafour sent it to the next level.

  • people are not giving Obrafour a lot of props and thumbs up these days cuz he's trying to put a lot of highlife into his music. But he's still unbeatable as a lyricist.

  • Oye Ohene the remix is just a stunner n winner.

  • Could not agree more with the last statement!! Does it show that I have made it stand out from all the quotes...?;-)

    This is HAMMER, I believe, from the so-called "Last Two". He also produced the famous "You May Kiss the Bride", rapped by Boli. Without a shadow of a doubt, the song in question is one of those Ghanaian piece de resistance. An absolute MASTERPIECE of epic proportions...keep ur ears peeled for my recording of it on this site:-)
     Posted by Picasa

    Another MASTERPIECE. This is NOT hiplife, but the mixing is just BEAUTIFUL. One of my best songs for 2004-2005. Always uplifts on a Sunday--and any day for that matter! Promise that you WILL hear this song on this blog... Posted by Picasa
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