Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello Ghana, HelloFood!

There is no gainsaying Ghanaians love their food and, off-late, their smartphones. So when you mix the two together, you got yourself a perfect combination that can be found in the latest craze in town.

Ghanaians have been using social media and their phones long enough to know of every conceivable thing that can be aggregated. But quite whether they knew it was possible to aggregate one’s choice of food, one will never know…unless they had tried “HelloFood”!

Hellofood” is the latest and newest thing to hit town—or rather, their taste buds. It's an exciting new way to get their food orders delivered into their home or office. Hellofood makes it safe and convenient for customers.

It comes with a smart little application that can be downloaded from Google Play (if you are on Android), which just makes the whole “eating-out” concept a lot easier to di
gest (if you can pardon the pun!)

Tonaton is King -- Ghana's Ebay?

Am not quite sure whether to label "Tonaton" as Ghana's Ebay(as I have never used the darn service, so couldn't honestly say), but what I do  know is that over the past two weeks, two products I found online have conspired to reinforce this perception.

I have taken a look at other services being offered. Am not quite convinced by the Job market section, though. I feel there are--and will always be--crooks ready to rip desperate people who want a job, or employment off. There are a lot of "Marketing" services, and apparently quick-paying jobs. Quite how one gets around those kind of tantalising offers to the desperate job-seeker is moot.

Still, I have to say for now: Tonaton is king!

Thanks to it, and the honesty of the individual in question I contacted about getting a new charger, my primary device is back on-line, and on-charge!

Highly recommended! Try it today: http://www.tonaton.com


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