Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tonaton is King -- Ghana's Ebay?

Am not quite sure whether to label "Tonaton" as Ghana's Ebay(as I have never used the darn service, so couldn't honestly say), but what I do  know is that over the past two weeks, two products I found online have conspired to reinforce this perception.

I have taken a look at other services being offered. Am not quite convinced by the Job market section, though. I feel there are--and will always be--crooks ready to rip desperate people who want a job, or employment off. There are a lot of "Marketing" services, and apparently quick-paying jobs. Quite how one gets around those kind of tantalising offers to the desperate job-seeker is moot.

Still, I have to say for now: Tonaton is king!

Thanks to it, and the honesty of the individual in question I contacted about getting a new charger, my primary device is back on-line, and on-charge!

Highly recommended! Try it today: http://www.tonaton.com
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