Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr shared "AFRICA IN FOCUS 22-07-14.mp3" with you

From Emmanuel K:

"Dear friends,

Kindly find the #PODCAST to the 10th edition of #AfricainFocus , which interrogated the issue:

"understanding energy security is important because the reliable supply of commercial energy services is critical for growing economies in West Africa. Just like people elsewhere, citizens in West Africa seek a higher standard of living, which is only possible with access to commercially-sustainable energy services.

Yet, most of the region lack the energy infrastructure needed to meet demand, although resources such as oil, gas, hydro and coal are available and there are opportunities for modern use of biomass and other renewables such as wind and solar"

Other Questions answered:
• What is energy security, and how is it prosecuted in West Africa? (ERERA)
• What are some of the threats to energy security in (West) Africa? (ERERA/GIABA)
• How can energy security be maintained? (ERERA)
• What are the regional & continental responses to countering challenges to energy security? (ERERA/GIABA)"

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Emmanuel K Bensah Jr shared "AFRICA IN FOCUS 15-07-14.mp3" with you

From Emmanuel K:

"Kindly find the podcast of the NINTH edition of the "Africa in Focus" show, which interrogated the question:

"Even as we celebrate this beautiful new star of Africa, we must begin to ask important questions on how it has been able to link conservation and tourism to development in a way that is reflected through the annual gorilla-naming ceremony. As Ghana prepares itself to host the UN World Tourism Organisation international conference on Tourism Branding, what lessons can it learn from Rwanda which makes up to USD300m a year on tourism?"

• When did the idea for the gorilla-naming ceremony come about, and why is it important for Rwanda? (Ignatius, RwandAir)
• What are some of the best practices on tourism that Rwanda can share?
• What are some of the achievements Rwanda has been able to chalk since the end of the genocide in 1994 (Ambassador Habineza)
• Why did the city of Kigali decide to establish the Genocide Memorial museum? (Serge Rwigamba)
• How has the genocide memorial been able to renew the spirit of Rwandans towards re-building their country? (Serge)
• What has Rwanda done right which Ghana can learn from?"

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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Watch out for Maiden Edition of Radio XYZ93.1 FM's "Africa in Focus" Show hosted by E.K.Bensah Jr!

It was with with more-than-bated breath that the Research & Communications Unit/Business Desk of Radio XYZ's "Africa in Focus" show met 2 May, 2014 at Eastgate Hotel to prepare for the very-first edition of the show on 6 May.

With sponsors in West Africa Civil Society Institute(WACSI) officially on board to take the programme to even greater heights, the Unit was happy to have interacted with key WACSI staff who paved the way on the future of the partnership. 

There was general reporting of activities, and a lot of exciting information-exchange on developments during the past week, including on the just-ended Pan-African Conference on Inequalities that was held here in Accra.

The Research & Comms Unit meets every week at Eastgate Hotel with the Business Desk to monitor and evaluate previous editions of AIF show; progress on the direction of the research component of the "Africa in Focus" show; the state of communication instruments (facebook; twitter; google plus community); how far weekly activities are contributing to enriching the Unit's monitoring of African integration dynamics of ECOWAS; the AU; and Africa's engagement with members of the Global South. 

Finally, the meetings seek to undertake innovative strategies to further-educate the public on Africa's development.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Happy World Consumer Right's Day?


15 March is a day to remind consumers of their right to complain for more effective and efficient public services. Are YOU aware of YOUR rights? #15March

On Thursday, I had the priviledge of attending a policy roundtable on consumer rights, which was organised by CUTS--a consumer protection NGO working in areas of consumer protection, trade and development, competition policy and law, economic regulation and good governance.

Present were regulatory agencies of Public Utilities Regulatory Commission; Food and Drugs Authority; National Communications Authority, and other civil society organisations. They offered frank views on the role of the regulator in protecting the consumer.

I believe there will be important follow-ups from this meeting, with CUTS playing an important role in sustaining the platform.

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Google+ conversation about Rosemond Nyampong's Murder: Way forward?

Shared publicly  -  Yesterday 12:30
GHANA FACEBOOKER ASKS IMPORTANT QUESTIONS OF #GHANAPOLICE AFTER NEWS OF KILLING OF 32-YR-OLD FEMALE BANKER IN HER HOME >> Kindly read below what asks of Ghana's Police Service. Reads like an open letter to them! May Rosemond Nyampong's death NOT be in vain!! RIP...

_ I just finished reading this harrowing story and my opinion is that it's an inside job. It certainly was a disgruntled friend or colleague whom she may have been acquainted with or better still a family member, given that the door to her home was locked.

I asked the same question whether the nation was equipped with a state of the art forensic lab, but from an above post my curiosity has been answered.


1: What is the point in possessing a £3 million state of the art forensic lab when there's no computerized national data base of finger prints to help such a lab to function correctly?

2: Is there a national program being implemented to educate the nation on how to report and treat a crime scene without tampering with evidence?

3: Since no mention was made in the news report concerning a response unit of CSI FORENSIC officials, I presume none is even in effect or probably not highly trained enough to respond to such emergencies.

4: Although I'm against national institutions monitoring the private phone conversation of its nationals, one cannot pretend to underestimate its effectiveness in cases like these to have an insight into such horrendous crimes.

Equipping the nation with a highly functioning forensic lab without the backing of some, all or more of the above mentioned programs would be like an individual possessing an expensive Gulf Stream private jet without a trained pilot and crew to fly it.

This young lady could be a family member, friend or colleague of ours. My condolences rests with this family for their loss. I mourn with them, because such an atrocious act may find its tentacles on my door steps someday and there might not be a solution in place to apprehend the culprits._
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Nkansah Rexford
Yesterday 12:45
+Emmanuel.K. Bensah Jr. I think I have answer to all the question.
Answer: We're in Ghana

Anyone who tries to anwer the questions above is getting ready to not answer the question.

No matter how you try to follow up this issue, won't bring this beautiful lady back to life. The ending will be this: The issue will be dumped in the zoomlion trashcan.

I'm not discouraging anyone to try find answers. I'm just telling you a fact, which will happen should anyone attempt to learn. Don't become the next victim by trying to find out.
Nkansah Rexford
Yesterday 12:55
Should anyone dare to find answers, he/she should remember these:
1) You're a Ghanaian
2) You'll be finding answers from Ghanaians
3) You're in Ghana
4) Ghana is in west africa.
Oral Ofori
Yesterday 13:30
+Emmanuel.K. Bensah Jr. since you're in #Ghana, I'll encourage you to print these questions, march to the nearest police station and drop it off with the chief or simply mail it to the GH police HQ.
Nkansah Rexford
Yesterday 13:42
+Oral Ofori please, email is out. Drop at chief office? Well, eshun dropped off something some time ago, up till today nothing. Give it a try
Oral Ofori
Yesterday 13:54
+Nkansah Rexford #Madiba tried for 50yrs, 27 of which were spent behind bars so yes, if it's for a good cause we must keep hope alive and continue to push...I am not in #Ghana but will support anyway possible, but I think we stand a better chance impacting the cause from inside the country, which is why am counting on you and +Emmanuel.K. Bensah Jr. and Eshun to keep pushing. Just because they didn't respond doesn't mean they haven't seen your letters, believe me they have. They are hoping by ignoring they may succeed at killing our efforts to try again, let's not give them a reason to think it worked, let the letters be sent again, and again and let people even drop them off personally or sign petitions... till action is taken. Like +Ato Ulzen-Appiah says, more vim! This is a #233Momentworth seeing through, and I know exactly how +Mutombo da Poet feels on this issue. Aluta Continua!
Nkansah Rexford
Yesterday 14:09
Okay. Count me out because Facebook wants me to log into before I see the comment. Unfortunately, I've signed death agreement with Google. Any attempt to open account on fb means death for me. Even paying 10$ now fine for opening fb website
Yesterday 14:42
It is high time we as a nation address matters concerning us on a local level than pretending to care for international issues which barely have a direct impart on us as a nation. I have nothing against mourning the death of Nelson Mandela for his contribution to freedom. In fact, I celebrate his life. However, in mourning such a great man, I would be a hypocrite if I do not stop for a moment to reflect on the harrowing death of Rosemond. I'm still appalled at the nonchalant response her death is receiving. I'm still questioning the effectiveness of our police force to shed comforting light on her murder or at least a progress report on how they are handling their investigation. She's not the first victim to travel this horrific road nor would she be the last. More brutal murders would be committed in the nearest future but the question is : IF THEY EVER DO OCCUR, WILL THEY EVER BE SOLVED? Before long, without any plausible cause, this case will be cold and forgotten. Another unsolved mystery!!!
I'm fastly loosing faith in the Ghana Police Force and if measures are not implemented to deter this national unrest, it will ultimately throw this prestigious national institute into disrepute... To be continued!!!
Mohd Nuhu
Yesterday 16:28
Her case is one of hundreds in Ghana. sadly !
Lloyd Amoah
Yesterday 17:04
I am sure the police have a problem with the internet like they have with EVERYTHING...:(....HORRIFYING!!!!
Michael Adjetey
Yesterday 21:44
Actually for point 1. The NIA has a database of our fingerprints. They collect it when registering for the Ghana Card. I don't think Ghana Police have access to that database as yet. Our office which works closely with the NIA to run the program for non citizens had to conduct a background check and the officer showed up and took our fingerprints manually. Generated no small amount of laughs in the office.
Emmanuel.K. Bensah Jr.
Yesterday 22:29
That is the thing +Michael Adjetey. Why doesn't the Ghana Police have access? As any nation grows, criminal justice, and strengthening of our law enforcement ought to surely be primordial in sustaining the society equitably. What are our parliamentarians doing about advocating a safer society for us? +***** +richard sky +Joan Mensah 
Michael Adjetey
Granted. The basic problem is that the police don't care (or understand) as much as they should.

I know that a major reason why the Ghana Card (& non citizen version) isn't being accepted as ID for use (IE in banks) is because verification kits aren't available to the institutions. This is aside the fact that it is actually illegal to accept any form of ID aside the National ID card (that or use of the passport is illegal, I'm a bit fuzzy on that).

But if one doesn't have something one needs to do his/her job, one should pursue it no? From where I am, I have not seen that happen at all. The non-citizens card project has been going on for almost a year and the police haven't been involved in our stakeholder engagements for most of it.


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