Thursday, June 30, 2005

Heading for a Holiday...

It's still been too long, I know.

Many thanks for all your words of support in wishing me better; I am a great deal better--thanks to this medication:

you saved me! Posted by Hello

It was a four-day course thing, and I am feeling DANDY!:=) But I a still fighting those darn mosquitoes away. Which reminds me: there's an article I came across today from a particular site called CORDIS NEWS Servicehere about the mosquitoe.

The title speaks volumes: "Project to develop traps and repellents for malarial mosquitoes". I never thought I could imagine saying that we had real-live vampires, but if they're not that, what else could possibly always be lurking in the dark -- both bathroom/shower anad otherwise -- ready to suck your blood?!

I killed two in the bathroom yesterday morning.

A guy came round Saturday to spray. He was what I could only describe as an insect/mosquitoe-buster. He had one of those things behind his back that Bill Murray and his team on Ghostbusters had--except with this one, it was rather rusty, but very very effective.

He came to spray the grassy knoll;-), as it were, and charged me a cool 40,000 cedis, or just under $US4.


But on a more dilatory tomorrow, it's a hoiday!! It's...

tomorrow is a holiday--republic day!! Posted by Hello

Yes, in 1960, Ghana became a republic, so tomorrow is, what,45 years of celebrating its republic status. Yeehar...(as Balloon Pirate, a blogger would say...

Here's some more interesting things I got from today:

One of Accra's many (salacious) tabloids Posted by Hello


the title says it all... Posted by Hello

Why do these tabloids think using a picture of a woman will encourage us to buy more of the paper?

I must add that the Graphic Showbiz is the sister paper of Ghana's "Daily Graphic" paper, so it is considered more respectable.

But I must also confess that P & P is one paper I buy regularly on Mondays and Thursdays. I don't think I've hid too much the fact that I'm dating--hey E, you're still getting hitched?;=) -- but I do get some SERIOUS relationship tips in there, and whilst I am dating, I ain't stopping buying them;-)

Here's a little light relief:

garth and spiderman in today's "Graphic" newspaper Posted by Hello

I almost always first turn to this when I grab a copy of the Graphic newspaper. Spiderman's stories rock, and Garth's graphics...well, rock too!!

Weather of the moment at work:

weather at 2.56pm on 30/6/05 in East Legon, Accra 

Hope it augurs well for a three day weekend!

Toodle pip!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Coming Back with a Whimper

Yesterday, I slept almost the whole day, which would not be strange if it hadn't been for the fact that I was also at the office sleeping!

Turns out that an onset of malaria had made its way into my system: as soon as I arrived at work, I started shivering inside like my life depended on it, and my joints felt painful.

To add insult to injury, the weather was quite warm outside--in stark contrast for the past couple of days/weeks--and so there I was looking rather ridiculous wearing my raincoat over my short-sleeve shirt.


I was advised to go home, which I did.

Slept throughout from 3pm to 6.30pm like a baby, with Fenix lying by my side. Mum later in the evening made some characteristically hot cocoa (not hot chocolate for you non-Ghanaians, but corn dough, I believe, mashed to softness with water and sugar). When Dad came home, he brought the nemesis to my illness: ADAMSON-ARTISULATE--a very powerful, Chinese anti-malarial medication that you needs must take with paracetamol.

On top of all that, my stomach was aching. No lunch yesterday on account of NO appetite. I don't even feel like having brekkie thismorning, but if I don't my Mum is gonna kill me...;-)

which would be ironic wouldn't it?;-)

In any event, I have desisted from talking about the rain these past few weeks, because it has been TERRIBLE. Floods in the Central region, and parts of Accra. As I write, it's rained, and it will rain some more.

You can go check the following websites for the latest on Ghana:
  • Ghana News Today(from CITI FM's news team)

  • Ghana


  • Until then, toodle pip.

    Incidentally, I hope my oft-regular readers are all doing well. Long time no comment, no?

    Friday, June 03, 2005

    Long Time No Write...But I'll Be Back

    i'll be back;-) Posted by Hello

    I caught "True Lies" on TV3, the private local station here in Ghana, last two weeks, and it struck me why that film has been considered such a hit. Looking at the ratings on IMDB, I see that it enjoyed a modest 7/10. Not bad.

    For an up-and-coming young man increasingly interested in making a nascent relationship very good between me and my significant other, I found this film very insightful in the way it explored the relationship between Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) and his rather docile yet sexy wife Helen (played by the very sexy Jamie Lee Curtis). A large part of the film was dedicated to Harry trying to find out about his wife's infidelity, but I must admit that Schwarzie played it with a seriousness that reeked more of a drama film, rather than an action movie.

    Relationships barely feature on this particular blog, so I won't dwell too much on here, except to say that if you have never caught "True Lies" before, make sure you do, but make sure you read between the lines.

    I don't find it just an action flick; if you are someone in a relationship (steady or not), be aware that relationships can become dead and stale if not maintained. I think Woody Allen couldn't have put it better when he wrote "A relationship is like a shark - it has to keep moving forward or it dies..."

    In any event, some definite food for thought for the weekend. In the meantime, I'm off to Mankessim today. Will definitely be bringing some serious observations from there, as well as observations en route on this very wet Friday 3 June 2005. Ofcourse, I'm being taken by PK with the speed demon below;-)

    the speed demon Posted by Hello

    Till Monday!


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