Thursday, June 30, 2005

Heading for a Holiday...

It's still been too long, I know.

Many thanks for all your words of support in wishing me better; I am a great deal better--thanks to this medication:

you saved me! Posted by Hello

It was a four-day course thing, and I am feeling DANDY!:=) But I a still fighting those darn mosquitoes away. Which reminds me: there's an article I came across today from a particular site called CORDIS NEWS Servicehere about the mosquitoe.

The title speaks volumes: "Project to develop traps and repellents for malarial mosquitoes". I never thought I could imagine saying that we had real-live vampires, but if they're not that, what else could possibly always be lurking in the dark -- both bathroom/shower anad otherwise -- ready to suck your blood?!

I killed two in the bathroom yesterday morning.

A guy came round Saturday to spray. He was what I could only describe as an insect/mosquitoe-buster. He had one of those things behind his back that Bill Murray and his team on Ghostbusters had--except with this one, it was rather rusty, but very very effective.

He came to spray the grassy knoll;-), as it were, and charged me a cool 40,000 cedis, or just under $US4.


But on a more dilatory tomorrow, it's a hoiday!! It's...

tomorrow is a holiday--republic day!! Posted by Hello

Yes, in 1960, Ghana became a republic, so tomorrow is, what,45 years of celebrating its republic status. Yeehar...(as Balloon Pirate, a blogger would say...

Here's some more interesting things I got from today:

One of Accra's many (salacious) tabloids Posted by Hello


the title says it all... Posted by Hello

Why do these tabloids think using a picture of a woman will encourage us to buy more of the paper?

I must add that the Graphic Showbiz is the sister paper of Ghana's "Daily Graphic" paper, so it is considered more respectable.

But I must also confess that P & P is one paper I buy regularly on Mondays and Thursdays. I don't think I've hid too much the fact that I'm dating--hey E, you're still getting hitched?;=) -- but I do get some SERIOUS relationship tips in there, and whilst I am dating, I ain't stopping buying them;-)

Here's a little light relief:

garth and spiderman in today's "Graphic" newspaper Posted by Hello

I almost always first turn to this when I grab a copy of the Graphic newspaper. Spiderman's stories rock, and Garth's graphics...well, rock too!!

Weather of the moment at work:

weather at 2.56pm on 30/6/05 in East Legon, Accra 

Hope it augurs well for a three day weekend!

Toodle pip!
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