Friday, June 17, 2005

Coming Back with a Whimper

Yesterday, I slept almost the whole day, which would not be strange if it hadn't been for the fact that I was also at the office sleeping!

Turns out that an onset of malaria had made its way into my system: as soon as I arrived at work, I started shivering inside like my life depended on it, and my joints felt painful.

To add insult to injury, the weather was quite warm outside--in stark contrast for the past couple of days/weeks--and so there I was looking rather ridiculous wearing my raincoat over my short-sleeve shirt.


I was advised to go home, which I did.

Slept throughout from 3pm to 6.30pm like a baby, with Fenix lying by my side. Mum later in the evening made some characteristically hot cocoa (not hot chocolate for you non-Ghanaians, but corn dough, I believe, mashed to softness with water and sugar). When Dad came home, he brought the nemesis to my illness: ADAMSON-ARTISULATE--a very powerful, Chinese anti-malarial medication that you needs must take with paracetamol.

On top of all that, my stomach was aching. No lunch yesterday on account of NO appetite. I don't even feel like having brekkie thismorning, but if I don't my Mum is gonna kill me...;-)

which would be ironic wouldn't it?;-)

In any event, I have desisted from talking about the rain these past few weeks, because it has been TERRIBLE. Floods in the Central region, and parts of Accra. As I write, it's rained, and it will rain some more.

You can go check the following websites for the latest on Ghana:
  • Ghana News Today(from CITI FM's news team)

  • Ghana


  • Until then, toodle pip.

    Incidentally, I hope my oft-regular readers are all doing well. Long time no comment, no?
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