Thursday, August 25, 2005

Just Out the Door...

my speed demon facilitator:-) Posted by Picasa

I guess something small is better than nothing at all.

My immediate boss is away for the week, and so the office is somewhat quiet. He is a bit of a stinker, as the Brits would say, in the sense that he is a lot of fun to have around. Not that I enjoy the quiet, but you know...

Next week promises to be quite busy, and I am going to be luvving every minute of it.

Fatigue is slowly and surely dripping and ebbing away from my consciousness and my physical self, so I shall resume in grand style...pretty soon.

Let's just say that there are a couple of things I am getting excited about: the upcoming WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong, and what that means for Africa. Our construnctive input remains pivotal, and I am rubbing my hands in glee as to the process of osmosis I will be undergoing, in the same way I underwent one last week as I spent several hours typing like my life depended on it.(Pls see piccie above!)

My aching arm(s) are testimony of the frantic period that was last week.

But...I SHALL BE BACK...!!!

Without a doubt...

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