Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sex in the City, or Lack Thereof

It must be no secret now that I am an avid listener of CITI-FM 97.3. The station, like my stay in Accra, Ghana, is one year now.

{continuing after three days!}

It recently -- as of three weeks ago -- launched a new programme called "Sex in the CITI". The programme comes on on Mondays at 9pm. Masquarading under the moniker of "sexual health", it discusses what I would call salacious/prurient issues of how partners can achieve (better) orgasms, etc. This weeks' was about oral sex.

Which would have been fine, were it not for the fact the WHOLE weekend (from almost 10am-8pm), CITI-FM had seriously and erroneously programmed the ad for the programme to play uncomfortably to the ears of parents and children alike.

I am not yet a parent, but listening to a station that has made some bloopers already (with me prepared to give it the benfit of the doubt as they are not 10 years yet (!!) like Joy FM), I felt seriously uncomfortable myself.

The host, Jessica, in the ad asks in her crystal-clear British/American accent: "Is oral sex the alternative?...Time to take boredom out of the bedroom...", etc...

I am no prude, but I DO think such issues should be discussed very late at night--and certainly not to the ears of family during the weekends.

So, anyway, I called the Marketing doode on Monday at CITI-FM. They are located behind the Adabraka police station, which is not too far from this place:

busyinternet--near Adabraka Posted by Picasa

He told me that they had programmed the ad ahead of time. When they realised the blooper, it was too late. Anyway, point taken, I think. He thanked me for pointing it out, and added, maybe to assuage me or something, that they had received some complaints.

At least it was not all in vain.

That was my major contribution for the day.

I couldn't help thinking how BBC Radio Four listeners (whoever they may be) would have reacted to this. Had anyone of them been in Ghana, I know for sure they would have viscerally writhed with disgust at the explicit nature of the ad.

Funny thing: since Monday when they aired the programme, I have not heard one whiff of the ad.

Long live people power!
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