Thursday, August 25, 2005

Photos of the Day

A seriously pet peeve among Ghanaian denizens who patronise the what was Spacefon Areeba. You still get messages of "the AREEBA number you have dialed cannot be reached at this moment. The mobile equipment is either switched off or out of coverage area", when your phone is trying to call...your friend across the street whose phone is on!

The difference between now and two weeks ago when it changed to AREEBA is that the voice is more upbeat, and less Americanised. More like an upper-middle class US accent.

today's Daily Graphic Posted by Picasa
I saw the guy on TV3 news yesterday. Felt almost sorry for him that he was going to get a paltry 2 million cedis (that's just under 200 US dollars) for his illegal transaction. At least that's what he says. A Nigerian is involved and he's at large.

Ghana Airways re-juvenated;-) Posted by Picasa

Please do not get me started on this one. Our first President Dr.Kwame Nkrumah would be truning in his grave on this one. Ghana Airways should never have had to degenerate to the effect that international investors of all shades and hues would come to invest in it. That was far from Nkrumah's dream of a quintessential African Airways. But, hey, things change. Or at least that's what some people of the neo-liberal shade may want us to believe.

It never ought to have come to this. The situation is such now that we just have to accept it and do the best of using it to promote Ghana like I think it should be promoted...:-)
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