Thursday, August 18, 2005

Shuttling Around--Is This Accra?

So here I am in Accra, Ghana on a cool Wednesday evening trying to prepare for dinner, and whatnot. I've just come back from day two of an organisational workshop, where we are, in effect, trying to save the world. Won't go into specifics, but the knowledge exuding from the conference room not too far away from the premises of the Organisation of African Trade Union Unity (OATUU) is stupendous.

I always feel so small when I am surrounded by such intellectual giants. We have two more days to go, and I am looking forward to cogitating more over the issues that affect Africa in particular. Technicalities are difficult, but very much critical in being understood so that it can be broken down to the masses.

That is the ultimate challenge.

I am staying in North Dzorwolu, at a hotel near this place. The hotel is South African, and one of those very cushy plush places. You always end up putting on weight after such meetings, because where you should just have coffee and tea and be on your way, you are treated with the reverene of ministers in the sense that you are pampered with food each time you have a break.

Absolutely not necessary.

I am surprised by the growing shops in this part of North Dzorwolu; last time I was here, there weren't that many. Now, even the shop just next door has transformed itself into a noteworthy retail shop...with close-circuit tv!! Yes, just like in the West.

It's quite ironic to be discussing what we are discussing these four days, yet be confronted by an Accra -- bustling and vibrant though it may be -- that may also be considered meretricious, or falsely beautiful.

It appears the people flown down here from parts of Africa are not complaining; they appear to love the small part of Accra they have seen. Good for them!

I, for one, am just reminded yet again that I am glad to be a Ghanaian, though it does feel odd being shuttled from a hotel (my house is literally fifteen minutes drive from this place, bar the traffic) bus to a place where we try to deconstruct the technicalities inherent in the multilateral level that obviate, or prevent, the continent from moving forward.

Like I said, I won't go into specifics, but I am confident you can read between the lines...

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