Friday, April 01, 2005

Thankyou Spacefon...

SO there I was trying to put a security code on my phone, when suddenely, I get the message:

"SIM Card blocked!"

Panic set in.

There I was at the office. I opened my desk and looked for my original instructions, trying desperately to locate the so-called PUK code.


"Anyone know where the PUK code is located?" I asked my colleagues

They all shook their heads.


WIthin minutes, I was downstairs at reception, then out the door, after I had called Spacefon (0243.500.000) They promptly informed me that I had to go to a Spacefon shop.

"WHere are you?" asked the Spacefon operator

"East Legon" I blurted, "so, where's the closest place"

"37...or Madina"

37 I knoew, and it looked good, so I rushed out, walking very briskly and purposefully. Flagged a taxi, and presto, within ten minutes, after walking past children going home from the French school nearby, I was at the Spacefon shop in 37 area.

The personable young woman with very pink and brown lipstick asked me to identify the problem.

I did.

She took my info, and secretly inputted the code (PUK code) -- much to my chagrin:-(

I had wanted to know the code, but all that didn't matter anymore!

Cos now, I had my very unique number BACK---and more than anything... sanity as well.

Thanks, Spacefon-Areeba--as much as I never thought I would say this!!
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