Monday, April 11, 2005

An Experience of Duplicity in January 2005

Friday 21 January, 2005 – TIME: 6.15pm GMT

Duplicity of the highest order?

I should have known this deal was too good to be true.

I exaggerate. This isn’t of the highest order, but it certainly feels as much. Greed and lies go very far in Ghana…far, at least, in misleading people.

Not talking sense? Let me explain.

Unbeknownst to Mrs.B – the woman whom I was going to buy the motorbike off – the mb was sold to someone for the cost of ç2.5m in lieu of the 1.2 they had promised me. The story is a typically Ghanaian one: you agree on a price with someone; then after enthusiastic interchanges between the buyer and let me call him the buyee, the buyee decides to sell it off at a higher price.

What crap is this?

It’s Ghanaian crap that’s what it is. Actually, no, it’s human crap. It’s the human condition and existential shit and all that. As it’s Friday, I am not gonna elaborate except to say: there will be measures…

More precisely of …my pocket…and how much I am willing to spend. Cos 1.2 was so effing good, and it’s gone. So, I have to put my thoughts in prayer, and…pray, and hope for Monday. I really do hope next week s’averai bien.

On verra.

It’s getting too late, and I gotta piss off.

So, I’ll see you.

E.k. very pissed, but calming down very fast:-)

6.23pm GMT
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