Monday, April 11, 2005

Kill Speed before Billy Goat Does!

I cannot for the life of me understand the penchant that goats have for crossing roads when you're cruising at circa 100km/h.

Yesterday, on my way back from Mankessim, TWICE-not once-a goat tried to cross PK. The first had to be the funniest...

There we were, with PK crusing around a respectable speed of 80km/h, when this goat, oh so casually, decides to cross the road. We were approaching Kasoa then, so the speed had been reduced considerably, but still.

With its hips swinging, its legs doing the bop--much like Afro-Americans hooked up in gang-life ascribe to--twisting its whole body like it was trying to chat up a babe, it tried to cross the road.

As we came closer, it **very quickly** crossed the road.

That's more like it, I thought.

The second was almost dangerous, cos this time, t here was no wooing on the goat's part, it just wanted to cross the road. When PK revved the engine, it reversed. Thankfully, there was no car from the opposite direction.
Our visceral response, apart from sucking our teeth in collective defiance, was to proclaim:

"These goats are so DARNED stoo-pid!"

Or something of sorts in vernacular...

Something that really got my GOAT -- no pun intended (I'm sure!!) -- yesterday was the conduct of a driver coming into the capital transporting a huge number of people (supposedly, the huge bus must be a big give-away!)with STC, or State Transport Company:

Apologies for sounding like an old man, but the driver's driving was uncalled for: overtaking over a curve; travelling at speeds of 120km/h, when we were approaching the capital; and just plain STUPID driving. I had a good mind to call STC and register a complaint...if I had had sufficient credits, but that's another story...

If ever someone gets to read this, and doubtless, E, you are reading it aren't you;-) and they feel lke coming to Ghana, well, here are some interesting details for your info:

  • Phone: 233-21-221-912



    My cheque ought to be in the post soon:-))

    Speaking of which, it's funny how when Ghanaians see the police post at Kasoa, then they all suddenly turn into paragons of driving virtue.

    On a more serious note, I was rather disturbed to see so many shops--on a SUNDAY wouldja believe--open for business--even around 3pm? Have they not heard of the Sabbath? I like to spend mine lazying around, so what's the deal with these people...

    Maybe nothing really exciting except that it was yet another scorching day, and the goats were adding more frustration than they could imagine to a very uneventful Sunday...

    Isn't that ironic?
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