Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Muscle Pull & a Funeral

I didn't actually *go* to a funeral, but I was at my Mum's uncle's place in airport residential (mostly where embassies are located, plus a slew of verdant views, replete with palm and coconut trees) bringing some money for a funeral.

Please forget scratching your head--and get a paper ready. When you are an up-and-coming young man (as I am ascribed to be), you are compelled to make a contribution when a member of the family -- no matter how remote or close they may be -- dies. The logic is that so that when your time comes, you will have a fitting burial.

Dad, Mum and I had a bit of brain-wave yesterday. More Dad actually, arguing that if the thing were more structured (with a secretary, treasurer, etc), it would facilitate transparency, as well help make people better-prepared for any unforseen death. Sounds like a swell idea, but seeing how out of sync these elders are with the 21st century way of doing things -- ie email, etc -- I wonder how successful we will be in conveying this brain-wave at the meeting I was asked to attend--despite the fact that I am at WORK at four pm!!

Can you believe I was asked to obtain permission (to which I tacitly acquiesced a reverential answer of "ok. I'll see...") from my boss at work so that I could attend a meeting of a relative of my Mum's who has passed on -- may he Rest in Peace--at the age of 78. Okay, could have lived longer, I understand, but come on, I hardly *knew* the guy...

So much for Ghanaian customs!!

Next time I get a call from my Mum's uncle (actually, my maternal grandmother's (whom we were very close to)twin brother), remind me not to pick it!

As for my muscle pull, no regrettably, I didn't get it whilst engaged in steamy session with my s.o. G__, but me trying to exercise;-) Can you believe that I haven't exercised in aeons, and so getting back to it (which I SERIOUSLY need to)--pretty much in a nod and wink to my post of today on my alter-ego blog Reflecting the Eccentric World of E.K.Bensah II--caused me some serious pain!

I did the bending exercise, where you hold a sturdy chair, and bend down for about fifteen times. My bones creaked. I knew I was diong the work, but, still, I am in effing pain.

Well, I still would have been had I not decided to do the proverbial turn over a new leaf, by doing some skipping, sit-ups and...what else, yes, leg thingy (pls see above)

In an echo of today's post, "rock on!!"

I'm in new -- not necessarily unchartered -- territory, and I LIKE IT!!

Why risk paying for a gym, when I get my own in my back-yard--and better still in fresh air??

Time for Action, Freshly-Arrived Denizen!

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