Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Official: Western Union in Mankessim!

Was down in Mankessim over the weekend visiting my folks, and I was piqued, as it were, by the sight of Western Union flag fluttering in the heat at the roundabout that takes you to Cape Coast (to the left); Mankessim (to the right).

Was a sight to behold.

Maybe now, Mankessim can concentrate on developing the sanitation, as the dirt there is legendary, frankly. To say nothing of the insalubrious byways where people sell clothes, etc. Can you actually believe that people sell shoes near Ghana Commercial Bank branch, very close to an open gutter? How salubrious is that?

There are a coupls of pictures of Mankessim, but the picture below seems to be the most popular:

Mankessim: Posuban shrine - company nr. 2 - Anomabu traditional area.

Never quite understood what the whole set-up is about.

Hell, our traditional leaders are not doing much to propagate the story behind it. Major faux pas...

Anyway, travelling from Mankessim to Accra was a bit of a blast. With the newly rehabilitated road, it took exactly one hour, at the speed I must confess of circa 110-120km/h, to arrive in Kasoa! Then another hour from:
  • Mendskrom

  • Mallam

  • Darkoman

  • Lapaz, etc..
    past Cresta Royale Hotel (North Dzorwolu) to Spintex Road!


    On Taxi-ing
    There was nothing really exciting to report except that the weather was scorching these past couple of days. One daren't go out...

    But with regard to the taxi, I was relieved this morning when, struck at the extreme difficulty in obtaining a taxi ride, I flagged down a cab. He reversed with another guy in it. They were travelling from up Spintex road.

    The guy dropped off not too far from the turning to the right that leads to the tunnel that, in turn, leads to East Legon/Shiashie.

    I indicated I wanted to go to Miklin Hotel, and ended up paying ç10,000! -- that's 10 thousand cedis (1 Euro, or just under).


    Have, hopefully, found a new and inexpensive way to commute to work.

    Let's hope it pays off...:-)
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