Friday, April 15, 2005

Of Mosquitoes and Rain

So there I was after having arrived from a Public Forum at Osu Presbyterian Church Hall, which ended at around 8pm to greet a very dark neighborhood that was MINE--Manetville, East Airport.

Darkness had fallen--and it had fallen BIG TIME.

The surrounding areas were quite well-lit, but once again, as if a presage to the imminent rain, the lights in the area had gone out.

Only one or two houses were lit, with generators blowing noisily away.


Everyone felt that it would come on soon, so at home, we happily ate our dinner. I had my kelewele:

(fried ripe plantain) that I bought not too far from--actually very close to--Lebanese-owned "Koala".

A picture of OSU's (in)famous OXFORD STREET at day (from

They weren't too sweet. Very good.

But I had to force dinner down, especially with the lights off in the 'hood.

Pooh. Pooh.

Fast forward two hours. Getting on ten pm. No lights. Mosquitoes buzzing round my ear.

Speaking with Dad about something, however, distracted me from the sounds, but as one hour came--and another, it was mighty difficult to forget their presence.

Mosquitoes. An effing pain. They thrive in the dark, they do. The fans usually blow them away, or at least stymie their descent to the jungles of my hairy body.

Not this time. They were flirting with my ear-lobe, and I didn't like it one bit. I remembered my ODOMOS, which I realised--SHOCK HORROR!--was finished.

Pooh. Pooh. Pooh.

No way to go buy one --where?!--in this darkness.

An hour later, we were sleeping.

Next we know, rain begins to fall. I rush outside and close ALL windows. Then rush back in.

Heavy rain but short, only an hour, in another tropical African country.{Accra, Ghana, October 2003}

A big relief, considering how hot it had been during the night--did I say it was now around 3am in the morning of Friday 15 April?--without the ubiquitous fans.

No cats-and-dogs type of rain, but it was bad enough.


As I left for work this morning, I realise lights STILL not on.

So feeling PRETTY cranky. Not because of lights or anything, but because, apart from having a pretty uneven sleep, Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has FAILED us ALL again.

Pssssssssssssssst: this link here of a Ghanaian restaurant in Washington looks quite good in the sense that it gives you a serious overview --albeit not exhaustive--of Ghanaian food. Give it a try!

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