Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I Love to Be Near America...

For someone who had the area near to the East of Ghana's university (Legon, hence East Legon), named after him, It's curious that he would not have a picture of hishouse (American House) on the Internet!

En route to Orinda Colour Photo Labs today, I was told by the taxi driver that the place was named after him (which I had heard several times), and that he--i.e.the eponymous guy after whom American House is named-- was one of the first people from the US to land in the area when he did.

Why is there nothing to commemorate the darn fellow's feats then?

Odd, really, how we treat our heroes in this country...;-)

Anyway, the prints were rather good, but I was quite disappointed by the size. Thirty-four prinits were good to go--bar two.


My favourite, I must say, were those of G___. My god, she is a BABE! extraordinaire. She wants her piccies; I have agreed to split it in half (literally!) with her if she'll allow...

Easter break down in Manks was a blast--well kind of if it hadn't rained cats and dogs on Holy Saturday and been ever so quiet the other few days...

I often wonder how acute the mental anguish would have been had I not landed this job. To be "stuck" in Mankessim indefinitely.


For all its verdant scenery and rustic nature, not my idea of a time in Heaven, which Accra most definitely is!!
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