Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'm in Accra!

Ok, it's been, what, almost seven months now, but HELL! I'm in Accra, and its all so exciting! Pretty old feelings, maybe, but sue me...

Dig the huge umbrella held by security detail!

The President held a so-called People's Assembly today, whereby he answered questions from the public, and according to, explained the Rationale behind Petroleum Increases".... I heard the thing live on CITI-FM97.3. Sadly no CITI Prime News @ Midday as the coverage had subsumed most of the usual programmes.

But enough about CITI-FM, even if it is the best station, IMHO, since I decided to leave Joy99.7FM and Komla's time to bring you the best and the latest news in Accra, the exciting city it is.

There's Jazz, if you like Jazz, and every Wednesday, CITI-FM-97.3 covers LIVE music of the salsa kind from the "Jazz Optimist" located near Ring Road, opposite Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

I'll do my best to pinch some pictures from Ghana websites, but for now, I guess that's all. The rain is doing its proverbial falling and falling VERY VERY hard.

Talk about cats and dogs.
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