Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Useful Tip for the Female Foreigner at Ghana's Premier University (Legon)

Being a female foreigner in Ghana is an interesting experience. A host of adventures await you in the land of sunshine. To make your stay comfortable and enjoyable, you need to know a few things about this land, particularly about the university. In brief, being a female foreign student, what is taken for granted by other students cannot be ignored by you.


I actually came across this link whilst looking for a picture of Max Mart, located near Liberation Road, at "37", near the eponymous military hospital.

Max Mart, because I went there this afternoon to try and have my pictures developed, but ended up being told I would have to go to Cantonments. Cantonments is one of the suburbs populated by embassies and money with plenty of cash. Very green, and very verdant, and hence no surprise that you will find the European Union delegation -- absurdly staff whose diplomatic status supersedes that of ambassadors! -- there.

Here's their address:

European Union - Delegation of the European Commission in Ghana
81 Cantonments Road - Accra
P.O.Box 9505 - Airport - Accra - Ghana
Tel:+233 (0)21 774202/774094 / Fax:+233 (0)21 774154

I ended up going ALL the way to behind East Legon, near Madina, to this so-called "American House", where I was asked to pay a deposit of ø30,000, or thirty thousand cedis for pictures (36 films). Will be ready by Friday, but seeing as it's Good Friday, and hence a statutory holiday, must come for them on Tuesday.


Too bad there isn't a place closer!
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