Friday, March 25, 2005

Discoveries & Epiphanies

Each day, I meet a new aspect of Accra that teases and titillates me beyond belief. From the rain that brings out things from the deep(!) to the sunshine that warms my clothes up (mostly wearing a tie and trousers), I think this is just a great city to be.

The other day, on the new VeCO yahoogroups for ALUMNI, I irked some doode called Lars Roberts, who maintains a very interesting site called Kilimanjaro World when I lamented to him that if Tom Cruise didn't like Accra, he wouldn't have chosen the place to film Mission Impossible Three. Which sounded rather obnoxious I know.

Please, I know.

I apologised swiftly, explaining that I was in no way dissing him, but he does still maintain that Cape Town is the best city (paraphrased) in Africa.

He may be right. He may be wrong, but I just know I love my city.

Or is it simply nostalgia, which people like my late brother, Sam, would find odd were he here as he SAW Accra more than I ever could have, having left for Belgium with Mum and Dad at around the age of seven.

Of course Accra has changed dramatically, but I guess the only thing to bring it to life are pictures. But it is clear that it evokes visceral feelings of a place that is incomparable to a place like Belgium -- for all its lush green suburbs, and its Grande Place:-)

I miss Belgium. But I am enjoying being in Accra!

Must travel to the Central Region to visit my folks for Easter, but am looking forward to getting back in the city on Tuesday (Monday actually) and seeing all the sights and sounds it has to offer me in a new week.

Maybe when I 'm back, I'll provide a status report--time permitting--on more discoveries--and epiphanies that make up my experience of living in Accra.

Till then.
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