Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yawns this Side of Midnight: An Ode to GBS

Yeah, am certainly tired, but I am a snapshot-of-life freak, so something's gonna give. If that is my sleep, then so be it.

Let us start with Gateway Broadcasting Services (GBS), the satellite provider that stormed what looked like Accra only a year ago. Twelve months on, it has pretty much stormed the nation. Or at least the Central region. Forget the fact that GBS has a huge billboard here, [continuing Saturday morning as sleep became me!] GBS can be found at the Shell Shop in the quintessentially-historic market town of Mankessim; around some hotels and houses dotted around the region,

including this hotel here.

The hit-show "Bones" that I believe is its third season or so in the US, which features former "Buffy the Vampire slayer" brooding-but-reformed-vampire-lover-of-Buffy played by David Boreanz, was on last night on "G-series" to an audience of, erm, who knows? Point is, it was on; with the DsTV package looking like it has been cancelled, or expired.

Looks like the GBS Revolution is on!

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