Friday, October 10, 2008

From Kasoa to Winneba, Road Safety Matters!

Despite our travelling speed of around 80km/hr, we managed to get to Winneba in some 46 minutes. Without the slow-moving vehicle at one point, we would have gotten to Winneba in some 40-42 minutes . Just goes to show that it is virtually impossible to travel from Kasoa to that place in less than forty minutes!

Armed with that knowledge, we can move to road safety. On our way, we saw a taxi Accra-bound that was overspeeding, AND overtaking over a blooming rumble strip! Not too far away was the same sign exhorting drivers to kill their speed.

I reckon the signs should simply be bigger and more imposing. Though it looks like a cross when you are Cape Coast-bound, it has TOYOTA GHANA kind of hammered on the back. Even if it is supported by the latter, it would have been great being supported by the National Road Safety Commission (

ONETOUCH adds a nice touch to road safety with its exhortation to "drive home safely to a warm hug".

Cute, but i nsufficiently hard-hitting.

Cool breezes @ 17h09.

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