Friday, October 10, 2008

Greenery Galore Through Central Region's GOMOA

It has just gone 16h19, and we have just arrived into the town of GOMOA. This is greenery personified--but so is much of the Central region through to Mankessim and Cape Coast.

Buduburum camp as we pass by has developed considerably, looking very much like any place inside Accra. With the NPP flagbearer's poster flanked high and strong at the former Liberian refugee camp base, you gotta wonder where the Liberians-in-Ghana vote might go.

We just passed a sign that reads "overspeeding kills. Over 12 people díed here". Very telling, considering the song by Akon--"dangerous".

At 16h28, we have all lived through a nanosecond of irony, with a tro-tro that just overtook some four cars, including ours, past a sign on the southbound (Accra) road that says the same thing as the sign referred to above.

Food for thought!

At 16h32, we are all struck by the imperfection of the road: a beautiful, well-tarred road that has no streetlights, or fluorescent signs for when it gets dark!

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