Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pictures from Saturday

Straight ahead is the airport environs. To the left, you go to a fast-food joint--Papaye--as well as Teshie/Nungua/Manetville/Regimanuel/Coastal Estates/Manet Court/Tema. To the right, you head towards Tetteh-Quarshie interchange. On the road where I took this picture, is the road that goes (behind me) to East Legon/Shiashie, once you go under the bridge. Posted by Hello

CITI 97.3FM poster on Dad's other car {the speed demon I call it. It's a cute white FORD courier van}. The station is promoting a bumper-promotion thingy, whereby two things are required to win 5 gallons of petrol: your wearing of a seatbelt; and your being spotted with this poster at a Shell station, or in town, by the "roving" CITI-FM crew in Accra/Tema metropolis Posted by Hello

pedestrians exercising patience at a traffic light stop in a busy area--near Makola. Getting to Kaneshie Posted by Hello

a usual scene of activity in the Makola environs, on Saturday 7 May Posted by Hello

leaving the Makola area in Accra. Just couldn't get over what that guy in the white t-shirt leaning over the railings was doing...poor soul. In the foreground are the familiar colours of the ubiquitous taxi (blue/yellow) Posted by Hello

The mower that brought me joy on Saturday;-) Posted by Hello

Dad (in shirt) walking towards the car on Mother's Day. Behind him, a guy is carrying plant he just bought. Location: to the left of the picture, you head towards Tetteh-Quarshie, and to the right, you head towards Spintex Road/Manetville/Regimanuel, whereas immediate right, where the car is just coming into the picture, goes to the bridge that leads to Shiashie/East Legon Posted by Hello

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