Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Here are Some I Took Earlier

I'm currently feeling a bit under the weather, and as it's Tuesday, rather uninspired to write something, so I will post some pictures instead I took over the May-day holiday.

consulting room of A&E ward of 37, Military hospital, Accra. That picture (blurred, sorry!) is a poster alerting patients to arthritis. Posted by Hello

Fenix digging like his life depended on it--at Manetville, East Airport, Accra Posted by Hello

Oh Fenix oh-so-enjoys his piccies!;-) Posted by Hello

Fenix posing behind Dad's car Posted by Hello

approaching the 37 Military Hospital in Accra. Can you spot the "CITI 97.3FM" poster to the left of the picture? It's suggesting that the "city sounds better" --or something. If you're unsure, you might want to try their website CITI FM Posted by Hello

placards at the front of the main gate "into" Manetville. I use "into", because...well, you'll just have to come visit the place won't you?;-) But clearly, however, if you have a kid,want your hair done, or want to fly, these placards ought to be sufficient to convince you that all those are possible in this "hood;-) Posted by Hello

one of my (numerous) radios. I wonder what frequency it could be at...mmm. The mind boggles;-) BTW, this is the radio that wakes me up in the morning to get to work;-)... Posted by Hello

...apart from this stupendous stereo that blasts the CITI Breakfast show to me every day... Posted by Hello

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