Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mirth and Merriment in Madina -- on a May day

Oh, I do so love alliterations.

G___ asked me to look through a Martin Luther King speech the other day, and it triggered all those things I learnt during my English literature classes in high school. What a great speech it is, though! The man was pure genius.

On a less serious note, my mirth and merriment in Madina this afternoon came at a cost--me being late for work from lunch.

(piccies coming soon!!)

But I guess it was worth it. I had some errands to run at the Zongo Junction in Madina. This included changing the casing (black)of my Nokia 6610 phone, which means it has gone from this color: to this:

And all at a cost of ç40,000. That's like Euros4.00.

I'm seriously thinking of buying more "silverline" products. It goes so very much with my skin color. So it would come as little surprise that I also bought a watch -- for circa...ç30,000 (Euros3.00). And for something that is called "Pak Fook Quartz". Can you believe that Pak Fook is actually a jewellery retail place in Hong Kong? You don't believe me? Try this link: here

More seriously, one of my other motivations being down in Madina on this bright May day was to have my picture developed--which I did--at this pplace called "Photo Palace" Here's the whole address:


P.O.Box 5540, Accra-North
Tel:510.529 / 504.280
Location: Madina Zongo Junction Adjacent to Prudential Bank


And the pictures were gorgeous! ONE in particular. That of G, who was looking at the camera with such beautiful eyes... I really that shallow to love someone because of her looks? I'm not into that any more, and I am so glad that this particular one is ALSO a very good and loving person. Her beauty is just additional.

So, in any event, I had her picture enlarged--and had to endure a good 35 minutes of waiting to have it processed.

I promptly fell asleep, what with the unusual heat and all. Unusual in the sense that there was a LOT of breeze, and that made for a VERY agreeable afternoon. Usually, that part of Madina is filled up because of so many things being in that area (banks, chop bars; illegal kiosks/structures, etc...) I know the place quite well, 'cos when I first arrived in Ghana in August 2004, I plied the route many a time to find a decent place for Fenix. And when he did eventually arrive in September, I was visiting him quite often to see whether he was okay.

Oh memories!!!

But honestly, let's face it: I have little to proffer this side of a Wednesday afternoon, but at least I know I love my Madina--for all the attendant chaos.

And also: pictures, more pictures! I think there was nothing wrong with my Palm PDA at all.

Several quick prayers, and a re-discovering of my stylus helped me replenish my photo-taking self-esteem;-)

No-one stop me baby.
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