Monday, May 16, 2005

Friday the Thirteenth in Pictures...(& One Saturday)

I really like this picture; the green from the taxi created a cool effect. It's off Liberation circle. To the right, you head towards International Conference Centre. The "GW" preceding the digits on the car mean the car was registered in the Tema metropolis. A year ago, it would have been "GT" {Tema}, but as there are so many cars coming now onto the road, the GT was replaced with "GW". Posted by Hello

Tudu, near Makola. This is the "cage" to come pay your water bill at the Electricity of Ghana Centre Posted by Hello

After bill paid, I boarded the Mass Metro Bus, hoping to leave within 10 minutes maximum. Instead... Posted by Hello

...I have time to take another picture. By the way, Cedi House is in the distance, and British Council is only about three minutes drive away from this place--to the left. Posted by Hello

Another view from the window of the Mass Metro Transport bus. I was not travelling in a double-decker, though. These buses, as an aside, are from China Posted by Hello

This is the ticket that I am issued literally minutes after taking those pictures. A measly ç1000! That's like E0.10 -- ten Euro cents. I had to wait a bleeding one hour before we left. The bus was going to Adenta-Legon direction! Posted by Hello

This is the place where Lorenzo Lamas made his debut in my chronicles of life in Accra;-) Easco Secretarial Services--literally a minute walk away from my place of work in East Legon. Posted by Hello

okay, it's Easco Com;-) you can see for yourself the services they offer. Darn, I should get paid for this free publicity!;-) Posted by Hello

On Saturday, after having spent some time cleaning and ironing, my Mum and I treated ourselves to a ç1000 (thousand cedis) donut from "Baker's Inn", located on the Spintex Road. Warmed in the microwave for less than a minute, you find yourself in culinary heaven! Posted by Hello

A View from the Hall--reminder that it's garbage day on Monday! Posted by Hello

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