Thursday, September 23, 2010

GhanaMan About Town

I have always been a fastidiously-slow learner, but when I see the light, it is often very bright.

I am not too sure that it was coincidence to be seated at a hotel, near work, for a two-day meeting, and catch the Ben Affleck-starring 2006 film "Man About Town". The story revolves around a Hollywood agent who has everything any guy would want--a goo job, money, a lovely wife, etc. At least he THINKS he has everything, for his wife is cheating on him, and when he finds out, he is more than gutted. He embarks on an introspective journey wherein he starts writing a journal, which is sadly stolen. Sad, because the journal affords him the opportunity to pore his heart and secrets out--as journals are wont to do.

That is where I will stop with the narration of the movie, because the operative word here is the journal.

At a time when my blogging has suffered because of what seems like an element of over-prioritisation of my deepest thoughts in my own journal I have been writing for 22 years (I have journals dating to 1988!), I thought it was not really that coincidental to be reminded --in a supernatural and esoteric kind of way--about the insights and values offered by journal-writing, which is seriously helping me deal with some of the existential angst I am going through right now.

Sometimes, life is truly about coming full circle to "find the truth"...

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