Thursday, September 09, 2010

Alright so I failed...but Note to Self!

The problem with the way they kind of "emerge" from nowhere and consume the time you would spend on other things. So it is that I was caught up in an emergency work-related meeting on Wednesday, which flowed into today, which consumed practically the whole day.

While some are bent on burning holy books to commemorate September 11, in this country, we are enjoying a holiday on Friday 10 September -- to celebrate our Moslem brothers and friends in this largely Christian and religious country who have just finished their fast.

So everyone might just be off to the beach.

Or doing something.

I shall certainly be doing the latter, as I cogitate over work, and blogging material for the week of 13 September:

*New Media and Anas Amerayaw Anas
*Bus Rapid Transport in the offing

Enjoy. Till next week!
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