Friday, August 06, 2010

Lessons in Blogging: Blogging Integrity; and Why Niche-Blogging Must be Encouraged

A few months ago, I sent a blog entry to a friend whom I had quoted in the entry. In that quoted piece, I had used a picture of her, which was a few years old, and some of what I had written probably no longer applied in 2010.

I had written the post in 2006, and was referring to it in 2010. On the picture, she wondered whether I could not change it.

I said no.

This is what I wrote:

I don't know how exactly to call it, but blogging has an implicit "integrity:" abt it--which is to say that it is rare to go back and change a post (dating, in this case to 2006!) and picture...significantly minimises the "blogging integrity" of it. Even if there are typos, keeping it as is makes it "authentic".

I have checked online to see whether I could find any similar definitions, but none was forthcoming. So please take it as my coining of a new term!;-)

Practising "blogging integrity" is, in essence, retaining a blog-post(with mistakes and all) [even] for posterity.

If you're familiar with history, it's like keeping a primary source, thus increasing its authenticity. Any tinkering makes it a secondary source. In other words, it no longer retains the authenticity it held when you wrote it. There was a mood that set the tone for your writing of that post, including what informed you to use a particular post.

Any change of that post you wrote a few years ago(no matter how politically-incorrect, replete with typos, or narrow-minded it was) years down the line is in essence a breach of blogging integrity.

Keep on with your niche-blogging!

Niche-blogging is pretty self-explanatory: it is blogging about a particular industry -- a kind of esoteric blogging if you will.

The only bug-bear I have with this kind of blogging is that it is mostly profit-oriented. I personally think it does not have to be!

I am your quintessential niche-blogger blogging for free!

I maintain a photo-blog (Accra Pictures by Day and Night) on, and also own Critiquing Regional Integration, which can be accessed on

Comparing this blog with those other two is like comparing chalk, cheese, and polar bears: they're all mostly white, but very different in style!;-))

The reason why I am even writing about it at all is because the other day, I wrote a post entitled "
Understanding the Relationship between the AU, Africa's RECs and the African Economic Community(AEC)".

By the time I had come to work the next day, I had had visitors from Belgium; the UK; other parts of Europe having accessed that blog. Here's just a snapshot of some of the countries that have been visiting my regional integration blog:

Within hours, I found my blog entry here: This is no other than a very reputable and respected website on ACP-EU affairs!

Just when I thought no-one was noticing, someone, somewhere picked up my "niche-blogging" post and spread it far and wide!

Goes to show that in blogging, don't ever think no-one is watching, or reading. If you are sufficiently passionate about a topic, just go ahead and write, write, and write some more.

Get some good trackers, like FEEDIT live, whilst you are at it!
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