Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Unbearable Lightness of Being...Spiritually Light

I discovered the Joyful Way's Nyame Ohene in 2005, listening to CITi 97.3FM's religious Sunday programme "Gospel Unlimited". At the time I was going through a relationship wherein I didn't know where it was going.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I started listening to it again. I'm not quite sure why I was drawn to it. I must say though that I obtained a bit of an epiphany today, when...
...I realised that the man who goes by "Kojo Anan" on Facebook, was the one who wrote and produced it! I've asked him for t he lyrics; let's see what I get.

Seriously, though, I've been feeling rather spiritually light for the past couple of days. Easter wasn't this side of exciting--somehow as I grow "older", the excitement of it reduces--but I honestly want it to be more than a four day holiday!

I'm in a birthday month; I turn 32 on 26th. It's not quite a milestone, but a grand step forward in all senses of the word.

I've been praying. Perhaps not enough, or not the right way?

Maybe, God directed me to this piece to get some perspective.

Sometimes you have to come full circle to find the truth.

And not just only in fiction like The X-Files.
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