Saturday, April 11, 2009

Comment re: BBC News Hour programme

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thoroughly enjoyed the second part of Saturday 11 April edition of News Hour. However just to clarify on my call to OVER TO YOU, I want to state that the panel could have included a member of the Arusha-based African Commission on Human & People's Rights, which plans to be subsumed under the African Court of Justice this year.

To boot, a March 2009 report by Chatham House entitled "Africa's New Human Rights Court: Whistling in the Wind" serves to address some of the issues about what African Union is already doing on human rights.

To ask whether the Peru case is a precedent for Africa is, in my view, myopic on the part of a veteran service like the BBC that has great researchers who could have found this report right under their noses, and thus helped inform the programme with a better perspective on Africa.


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