Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yet-again Shambolic Preparation for the Media

Have just left the Press centre, which is located near the non-existent NGO centre, leaving behind a less-than-amused Mrs.Anthony (contact person in the successful accreditation of my colleague and I's pass), who bemoaned the dearth of documents for the media by the ACP Secretariat.

I am not too amused either. I had wanted to follow the agenda, as a delegate from South Africa made an

intervention about Economic Partnership Agreements, and how the MFN clause would be detrimental as regards the EPA and the SADC region.

Conversely, a colleague who has registered as a delegate obtained the necessary documentation. Looks like the memberd of the fourth Estate, as referred to by MOFEP official Dr.Anthony Akoto-Osei [Look closely at the picture of the speech I obtained from the ACP sect place upstairs and you will see that the speech failed to reflect the fact that the late Honourable Baah-Wiredu is no more, therefore someone ought to have been more efficient and inserted "the late" at least!!] well and royally-snubbed.

I guess it just goes to underscore the rather regrettably-shambolic state of organisation.

That there is no wireless internet connecton for bored delegates and members of the media to browse when need be only represents the apogee of this most unencouraging state of affairs this side of Accra on a holiday like this when one could have been at a seminar on EPAs at GNAT hall, or at home. Naturally chilling...

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