Monday, September 29, 2008

As Luck Would Have It...

As I get into bed, my mind is as yet unsettled as I ruminate over the strategies I need to deploy to make this a successful week.

First off, too often, international conferences come and go, and we are left with missed opportunities. I have yet-another priviledge to cover, along with a colleague, proceedings of the Sixth ACP Summit that begins on a day that has been declared a holiday--30th September!

Although, I have made necessary plans, I am not particularly encouraged by the lack of information flowing from the ministry of national orientation on collection of badges. When I tried contacting a source there on Sunday, I found myself with the phone being switched off throughout the day. It is worrisome as the badge holds the key to participation!

Still, not one to buckle, I will give it a shot later today.

To get back to the luck, last Friday evening, there I was getting out of the GOIL filling station on the Spintex Road (, when whom should I meet but a fellow blogger! This was more than a case of six degrees of separation, for not only did he recognize me, but he lives some four lanes away from my place!

For me, the encounter just reinforced the need to be necessarily parsimonious with whatever you say, for it might just come back!
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