Friday, April 13, 2007

As the Week Draws to a Close in Accra: Bank of Ghana Gets Proactive on Re-denomination; Why ONETOUCH Still Rules

Last week Friday, Ghanaians woke up to the news that the Bank of Ghana had launched a new website on the re-denomination of the currency, scheduled for July 2007.

Getting to work, I checked Joy FM's website on the article, a story culled from the Ghana News Agency about the initiative. It was great to see the Bank of Ghana, in a manner reminiscent of the flyer it sent out in January with copies of the Daily Graphic.

By clicking, you are exposed to a fresh, rather hip webpage that is replete with funky graphics and bold colours that are pleasing to the eye. There is a download page, where you can download videos of the now-very-popular jingles all over radio and tv. The refrain is no longer recondite:

"There is no change in value, the value is the same"

The video can be downloaded on the page listed above, along with a few other less popular jingles.


You may or may not re-call that I have blogged about Onetouch and areeba quite a few times. The Last time I blogged, it was about the war between the two operators.

Even though South African giant MTN has almost bought AREEBA, I would like to state explicitly here that though I also possess an areeba number, I am passionately a ONETOUCH promoter and supporter. Here's why:

1. Onetouch is 70% Ghanaian
2. It has FREE directory assistance (you can find out any number in the country for free!)
3. flat rate of GHC1,450, or almost $0.16/minute to ANY network, with GHC900 to landline and onetouch users during off-peak hours
4. GPRS is VERY user-friendly, enabling users to browse mobile web, with as little as GHC2000, whereas AREEBA demands you have GHC50,000 before you can browse
5. you can call a Ghana Telecom helpline for FREE, which you cannot do on any other network

Onetouch musn't get complacent, and with people like me around, I will ensure it doesn't;-) SUffice-to-say, so far, I'm very happy with them!

Good weekend!
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