Friday, April 27, 2007

Turning Thirty(30), When Ghana is Fifty(50)

I swear. It must have been a conspiracy for my parents to have given birth to me when Ghana was celebrating its twentieth anniversary. It was only eleven years after Dr.Kwame Nkrumah, of blessed memory, was deposed.

Life must have been hard.

My parents probably never figured that whilst they were looking after my elder brother, Samuel D Bensah--also of sweet and blessed memory--when he was just four years old, they'd be giving birth to a naughty, naughty young man who would shake the world in more ways than they could imagine;-)

I am rarely whimsical on this side of the blog, but, hell, it's a day after my thirtieth, please give it to me, won't you?

I have an interesting reply to the previous entry about my dislike about the South African attitude to West Africans, which needs some serious cogitation. I am flirting with the idea of it being an open letter, for the issue Charles Ndoro raises in there are worth of public comment.

I, for one, am glad the issue of Stanbic Bank, ECOBANK, Ghana's Agricultural Development Bank, and the sale thereof are coming out in the open.

All that aside. It's interesting to be thirty at a time when Ghana is fifty. It merits serious consideration on where I'm going; where I've come from and to whom I must account.

As regards blogging, I started in 2005, and foresee a long time in blogging. My regional integration interest will not depart me any time soon.

The desire to write a novel is still deeply ingrained, and I want to work at it. I'm having challenges with writing the novel, or typing it, as sometimes, access to a computer is not all that reliable.

But I'll get there.

They say at thirty, you leave the silliness of the twenties and become "mature".

Who says?!

Have a good weekend!
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