Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ghana's Coming Home, but Brazil Stole Two "Goals"


The Brazilians played a relatively good game, but it was not, according to Barry Lambert the commentator, a Brazilian team that could not be beaten.


Ghana took more shots than the Brazilians, but the latter scored more.


That two goals were allowed by the Slovakian referee when the Brazilians were offside did not help matters for Ghana.


Check the Guardian’s comment:


44 mins: Brazil 2-0 Ghana Injustice! Lucio charged forward and fed Cafu down the right. He centred to Adriano, who tapped it home from a clearly offside position! Another scandalous decision in this increasingly farcical World Cup.

From: http://football.guardian.co.uk/worldcup2006/minbymin/0,,1788429,00.html


A lot of people maintain the “officiating was bad”. Others say execrable; others “racist”.


It’s not so much that this team lost, but more of a presaging of what is to come—that because of the potentially racist referees, Africa stands little chance of winning the world cup.


Some of our players missed huge ones—Asamoah Gyan being the biggest, having missed at least three, but Brazil scoring was no news. We were hoping we could have equalised. Oh well. Someone has to lose. We lost—not so lucky!


Till 2010!:-)

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