Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ghana 2, USA 1--Redux : David Meets Super-Sized Goliath

I’m just listening to commentary from my favourite Accra-based radio station ( CITI97.3FM, which you can listen to online in crystal-clear quality. And as I sit at my desk, the cool wind blows, and I hear cars honking their horn in staccatos of one, two, three. We may be playing against the Brazilians.

The USA are out (the staccato continues), prompting a comment from my colleague that the car’s battery “is gonna die isn’t it”?

Someone shouts. Many hearts pound relentlessly.

As if in a dream, work resumes, but is it at its normal pace?

Ghana, the wrongly-speculated underdogs have transformed from football Lilliputians to the quintessential Black Stars of Africa who will be meeting Brazil – number one on the FIFA rankings – on…Tuesday.

Hold your breath, Africa. Hold your breath, World!

here are some more pictures:

Ghana and Italy top Group E, leaving the Czech Republic and the USA woefully behind.
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