Monday, June 12, 2006

FW: Why Ghana must win the FIFA World Cup

Creative Storm is an Accra-based Multimedia services company. As the Germans get ready to face the Costa Ricans very soon, this is interesting food for thought sent in by the big boss of that company…



From: Creative Storm []
Sent: vendredi 9 juin 2006 15:02
To: Creative Storm
Subject: Why Ghana must win the FIFA World Cup


There comes a time in the life of our planet when a momentous event literally stops time and all mortals are duty bound to watch 22 grown men kick a ball about to great frenzy and spectator madness, until and with spectacular funfair a gold cup is raised to cheers and tears or worse. The event, ladies and gentlemen is upon us, starting from today. You could be excused not to have noticed if you were a visitor from Mars because frankly, there is no where on earth to escape this ritual. Not even in America where the grown men prefer to pass the ball by hand rather than kick it or if you were God himself reincarnated as Madonna . The only man to score with his hand and deprive England of possible glory.  


You are probably wondering by now the point of this email. Perhaps you are conspiring to leave work early to beat the Friday traffic to pick up a new TV set or sneak to the supermarket to stack up the beer,confirming industry research that we are all losers except the famous players who will rack in even more ridiculous sums of money, TV manufacturers, ticket touts, beer companies and self appointed football pundits, who see a fast buck or Euro this time of the year in correctly pronouncing Ronaldino, Appiah or Gustavo - which I understand is the most common surname at this year's world cup? Can't possibly be true but the real question is, can the world afford the world cup? I don't think so. All bosses and office managers are bound to notice slower moving brain cells, distracted workers except glued to the TV set screaming goal! goal! goal!  - which can drive the rest of the office crazy. Threats of divorce and family disputes will rise with fist fights over TV switch ownership. Where are all the defenders of the family? Have they all been bought hook wink and sinker by the mindless world cup circus?


A few brave journalists have suggested that all companies must declare a three week holiday in all soccer crazy countries. The alternative, they claim is a shape rise in workers calling in sick, taking the injured dog to the vet or not venturing out to work to avoid a tsunami or measles.  


If I believe that the world cup is not good for the world, why the title of this email. Simply and humbly put, I believe that we must make an exception and support the Black Stars to win this year's world cup. Some have said we deserve it because this is our first time. That is patronising. Unlike any other country in the competition, Ghana deserves to win the cup for very good reasons - in fact, as a true patriotic  and well meaning Ghanaian who believes in ' seeing someone to see what can be done' I have been cracking my brains to 'see' exactly what. Won't it be a great present for our 50th anniversary next year, if only to remind ourselves that we are still young, the best and not approaching a mid life crisis?  As a proud Ghanaian, I also believe in miracles. If you would join me in prayers and fasting, the Italian goal keeper would see several balls instead of one anytime Essien approaches. I started praying last week and the news so far has been fantastic. I read with shameless joy that key Italian defenders are falling sick or succumbing to injury. More will fall on the pitch as Ghanaian supporters sing the famous Ghanaian refrain for all occasions, "Da no ase, da no ase, da onyame ase" (praise him, praise God,praise God).  I don't mean the diasporan supporters in Germany or those coming from London. I mean bona fide Ghanaian patriots from Chorkor and Mamobi, those who managed to run the German visa gauntlet and landed in Deutschland.


Prayers and incantations from Kpandu, Nyamuransa or Larteh may work on lesser teams but what if we come face to face with Brazil in the finals? That prospect is daunting and frankly frightening.  Nevertheless, apart from believing in miracles, which may be of limited value against Ronaldo and Ronaldino, the Ghanaian is resourceful. I trust that Essien, Appiah and the rest of the boys have Ananse in their bones and will pull some real surprises. You may think I have converted to hopeless optimism but even Dujkovic, the strangely pessimistic coach is now learning to sing "Da no ase.." in preparation for the Accra victory parades. We have edited a Pepsi advert in support of Ghana, now playing on TV, hopefully until the boys lift high the cup on 9th July. Are we dreaming? Only optimists may respond.  



Kwesi Owusu






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