Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Accra's Spintex Road Makes an Eponymous Entry

The Spintex Road in Accra is one of the fastest-growing, traffic-inducing roads just outside the Accra Metropolis. It leads to Teshie-Nungua, and onto Tema. From that road, you reach the famous (or should that be infamous?) Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange, where you either get confused by the structure or follow the automobile crowd.

This is in no way a coherent entry, but given the relative absence, I thought I'd broach the very important issue of the Spintex Road. A picture of the road from the infamous tunnel graced an entry way back in 2005, which you can read here.

The picture to the right is that of a taxi a few minutes away from the-said tunnel.

In any event, the Spintex Road is also the road that boasts the most badly-lit semi-highway in the country. Rumours have abounded that streetlights would be a feaeture this year--Ghananian drivers, and ECOWAS ones to boot, who ply the route regularly have yet to see it.

What is clear, and that is a bit odd considering how dark it can be;-) -- is that the government is paying scant regard to a route that will prove to be a great source of frustration and enjoyment for drivers going to, and coming from, Teshie-Nungua/Tema/Baatsona/RegiManuel/Manetville Estates--for a very long time to come.

Hopefully, this third edition of the "Spintex Brief Community Journal" has made inroads into the consciousness of Ghanaians on how to make our frustrations better heard.
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