Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is Where I Shall Be from 26-28th April: Being Trained With "Journalists in Ghana on the Information Society" | Ghana Passports, anyone?

Ok, so I turn 29 tomorrow, but that's not the motivation for this post. What is is that I will most likely be blogging from BusyInternet, described as...:

...the largest privately owned & operated ICT centre in Africa. With a unique mission to provide both commercial services as well as social development, Busy has been featured as a promising ‘hybrid’ model for Africa

I have the priviledge of being accepted for this three-day course, organised by PenPLusBytes, the International Institute of ICT Journalism.

This is one of the motivations for attending the course:

  • Journalism around the world today has moved from the use of simple desktop applications such as MS Word to the WWW3 and its amazing opportunities. Internet research is an integral part of journalism today; new technologies such as blogging and podcasting are also catching on in the media world. Yet online journalism is still in its embryonic stages in Ghana. Most media houses do not have up to date online presence and those that do have, are not using universal online journalism styles and ethics

  • from: http://penplusbytes.blogspot.com

    These are the topics we shall be working on:

    Session One: Implications of information society developments

    Session Two: Introduction to ICT Journalism

    Session Three: Knowledge Management for the Media:

    DAY TWO – 27th Thursday April 2006

    Session Five: Online Journalism

    Online Journalism can be defined as the reporting and publishing content mostly through online means basically the internet. During this session we shall take a look the history of online journalism, types of online journalisms, online journalism in practice and the future of online journalism.

    Session Six: Practical

    Group Work, Discussion & Group Presentation

    DAY THREE- 28th Friday April 2006

    Session Seven: Re-cap of Day 1 (clarification of concepts)

    Session Eight: Online Journalism –blogs and Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Session Nine: Practical - Online Research using the Internet

    On weather news, the sky went dark around ten o'clock this morning, followed shortly by tremendous precipitation. At work, the electricity went off -- as per usual -- and the generator kicked in shortly. The trees swayed, and many of us sighed: more rain! But, it was very, very welcome, considering the heat of earlier days.

    What was not welcome (news) at all this morning on the CITI Breakfast Show with Bernard Avle was the news that an investigative reporter of the Crusading Guide private paper had uncovered this:

    some of the workers inside this house called the Passport Office of Ghana are busily destroying Ghana’s pride and image by fraudulently processing original Ghanaian passports in large quantities, for export to ‘non-Ghanaian criminals’, in countries like Libya, Italy, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Holland, Britain, Germany and others.

    Without recourse to due procedures, they process the original passports which are signed by the Director of Passports in Ghana at a wholesale price of three hundred thousand cedis.

    This is later retailed to the ‘non-Ghanaian criminals’ for between $300 and $400 and £250 to £300 internationally.

    The Ghanaian Passport which was revered and respected across the world has now been reduced to an ordinary booklet, stripped of its solemnity and dignity


    I am no conspiracy theorist, but I do feel the need to copy this portion of the whole article for posterity in the (unlikely) event that some up higher might feel that the findings, irking them, should be "disappeared". These kind of things do happen in democracies, please let's not kid ourselves...


    How BusyInternet Started up in Accra, Ghana

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