Monday, October 24, 2005

Customer Service at its Best

ECOBANK Headquarters, near Ridge. British Council is on the immediate right of this picture, just after the signboard, where you can see the turquoise bus Posted by Picasa

SO there I was on a Saturday morning, when around 10.15am, just when I was listening intently to a Saturday programme on the radio, my cellphone rings, with an unknown number ringing.

My mind would process the number quickly--021.680431--only to remember that the "680" looked like one of the prefixes that accompany ECOBANK's H/Q.

I was right.


A young man answered.

"Is that Mr.Emmanuel Bensah?"

"Yes, who is this, please?"

"My name is...I'm calling about the problem you had with your card yesterday"

So, I explain that I tried getting some money from the ATM at A&C Shopping Mall, East Legon only for my money to be debited on the receipt, but no cash from the ATM. I called my accounts officer who informed me that it sometimes happens that way, but assured me that the bank can tell when the money is taken.
What a relief it was to hear that!

In any event, the man assures me that he has my details. He asked me to read out my card number for verification. He even saw on the system that I had shopped earlier, which meant I had been able to get my money.

"We'll credit your account on Monday", he added after some minor checks.

Now that is what I call customer service

I might just go to their cocktail invite next time!
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