Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mid Week Madness:I am Number 19...on Google Plus -- a "Top Google+ User"

There I was minding my own business checking up data on Google Analytics, by way of email, when I serendipitously stumble upon some data on Google Plus, innocuously-called "GPLUS DATA". Then I found myself checking out the link here:, which would outline the list of "Top Google+ users speaking English from Ghana ". 

Some of my BloggingGhana colleagues, including Ato Ulzen-Appiah are number four today (they were mysteriously number 5 yesterday).

Interestingly, there is an American lady from the US depriving me of my number 19 spot. She probably accidentally listed her country as Ghana. Though quite why any established-writer in the US would do that is beyond me!

So, well, I am number 20. For now. 

For now!

Watch this space...

Monday, November 18, 2013

The "Walking Dead" Show wins Every Monday Night

Just finished watching a new episode of #thewalkingdead on #foxafrica. We get to learn a lot more about #thegovernor. Is his real name Brian? I missed most of #season3, but enough to know he is/was #badass.

The concept of focusing on an antagonist to Rick's crew was interesting in the way we get great insight into character development--even of a baddie.

This, in my view, is very reminiscent of back in the day when #thexfiles reigned supreme, and we had an episode in #season4 of that show focusing exclusively on the #CigaretteSmokingMan. Though we learnt to loathe him for the manner in which he scuppered #Mulder and #Scully, we learnt a new side to him, and his past.

In the latest episode of #twd, I think I can say while I don't think #thegovernor is a changed man, he has certainly become emboldened by the warmth displayed by his temporary and adopted family. . .to "rick"--sorry, wreak!--havoc on Sheriff Rick's crew in episode 6?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Welcome to Oxford Street Mall, welcome Big Capital!

#Capitalism has a new home: #Ghana, where malls spring up faster than you can say "is that another #Lebanese retail outfit?".

Oxford Shopping Mall is a new one, boasting five floors. #Shoprite is already running. Quick! Run and go spend. !!:-\

I guess the only consolation now is that in the competition between Accra Mall, A&C Plaza, Marina Mall and Oxford Street Mall, there will be some sense of discrete units of the population aggregated in certain parts of Accra.

As to whether this will be a boon to the horrendous Christmas traffic, the jury is out on that one!

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Weekend thoughts at 3.23am on #GooglePlus & #Blogging

It's 3.23am in Accra.

An hour ago, I finished watching another Simon Pegg classic, which came out this year, called "world's end" on Ghana's #utvghana station.

Just spent over an hour reviewing some of my blogs, especially the one that focuses on #Ghana.

I quite like the fact that, though Facebook and Google Plus have pretty much stolen the thunder of my usual blogging, the Share buttons on my Android device enable me to share to an email, and onto a blog, via email-to-blog technology, as it were.

My first ever ghana blog-- in Feb 2005. That is almost a decade of #blogging under my belt.

Time to write a book about niche-blogging perhaps?

Goodnight. No: good morning!

Hammah's Dismissal, or A Salutary Political Lesson

Yesterday's unexpected and sudden dismissal of Former Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah over a 32-minute conversation that was secretly recorded offers a salutary lesson to us all: "better to keep silent, and be thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt"!

May she go on to better things with more sagacity than she left this position.

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