Monday, November 18, 2013

The "Walking Dead" Show wins Every Monday Night

Just finished watching a new episode of #thewalkingdead on #foxafrica. We get to learn a lot more about #thegovernor. Is his real name Brian? I missed most of #season3, but enough to know he is/was #badass.

The concept of focusing on an antagonist to Rick's crew was interesting in the way we get great insight into character development--even of a baddie.

This, in my view, is very reminiscent of back in the day when #thexfiles reigned supreme, and we had an episode in #season4 of that show focusing exclusively on the #CigaretteSmokingMan. Though we learnt to loathe him for the manner in which he scuppered #Mulder and #Scully, we learnt a new side to him, and his past.

In the latest episode of #twd, I think I can say while I don't think #thegovernor is a changed man, he has certainly become emboldened by the warmth displayed by his temporary and adopted family. . .to "rick"--sorry, wreak!--havoc on Sheriff Rick's crew in episode 6?

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