Saturday, November 09, 2013

Weekend thoughts at 3.23am on #GooglePlus & #Blogging

It's 3.23am in Accra.

An hour ago, I finished watching another Simon Pegg classic, which came out this year, called "world's end" on Ghana's #utvghana station.

Just spent over an hour reviewing some of my blogs, especially the one that focuses on #Ghana.

I quite like the fact that, though Facebook and Google Plus have pretty much stolen the thunder of my usual blogging, the Share buttons on my Android device enable me to share to an email, and onto a blog, via email-to-blog technology, as it were.

My first ever ghana blog-- in Feb 2005. That is almost a decade of #blogging under my belt.

Time to write a book about niche-blogging perhaps?

Goodnight. No: good morning!

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