Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sittin' and Thinkin' about Google Currents! Here are My Tips!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that my work colleagues and I broached the issue of pushing some, if not most, of our flagship publications onto Android and Tablet formats.

A quick google search revealed there are a number of programmes that can do that, including those which one needs to spend time working on--as one would do with, say, HTML editors, just so one gets a feel of what's happening.

Fortuitously, I would chance upon Google Currents elsewhere over the weekend, and decide to try my luck again at work to see whether I could push some of  the content of out just-ended conference on the Africa Mining Vision, which was held at Mensvic Grand Hotel from 26-29th June. If you missed the conference, it's not difficult to catch up at all;

The latter is evidently work-in-progress. Undoubtedly, with practise, the diligence to  the detail will be second nature, and I intend developing that second nature soon! I look forward to the day I can create an edition for the Android/Tablet formats in under an hour!

A simple note to self and to you is this. Before embarking on any kind of document importing from Google Drive, ensure you have done the following:

1. Back up your material for publication to Google Drive, making sure you have saved most of the work in Google Documents format. If not, export it to Google Docs/Drive format. 
2. Take note that it Google Currents does NOT seem to like PPT or PDF extensions, so ensure you upload .DOCX/DOC files (Microsoft Word), which you can in turn convert
3. Plan your edition layout on paper beforehand
4. upload documents into the ARTICLES section
5. Master your sections

Go publish!

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