Friday, July 06, 2012

Call for Papers: Third Congress of African Economists -- DEADLINE: Nov 2012

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Call for Papers: Third Congress of African Economists


Call for Papers

The Commission of the African Union organises every two years the Congress of African Economists in order to identify and analyse the economic problems marking African countries and to propose for them an effective and lasting therapy. This Congress will bring together the best African Economists in the Diaspora and those living in Africa. The First Congress was organised on the theme: “Towards the establishment of a Single African Currency”. The Second Congress focused on “How to achieve strong and sustainable Economic growth in Africa so as to reduce unemployment and sustain the dynamics of Regional and Continental integration”.

The next Congress, the Third one, will discuss the theme: “Industrialisation and Economic emergence in Africa”.

During this Congress, the following sub-themes, among others, will be considered: Can Africa develop without getting industrialised? ; the impediments to industrialisation in Africa; Technology Transfer and Industrialisation in Africa; Agro-industry and African Industrialisation; Industrialisation, Growth and Employment; Role of the Industry in the emergence of African economies; Economic Emergence: criteria, manifestations and prospects; Economic Emergence and Integration; Economic Emergence: Should it be done at national, regional or continental level? ; Partnerships with the rest of the world: assets or brakes to the industrialization and emergence process?; China-Africa Cooperation: Advantages and Disadvantages for African economies; how can Africa tap part of the value added generated from its natural resources?; Which industrial policy is necessary to boost the Industrialisation process in Africa?; Industrialisation in Africa: Role of the State, the private sector and the outside world.

Articles on the main theme and on the sub-themes are sought from African Economists, those of the Diaspora and those interested in the resolution of economic problems in Africa.

The Articles must be accompanied by a summary not exceeding 1000 words
and must be sent to the Commission on 15 November 2012 at the latest. The
participation in the Congress of the authors of the Articles chosen will be borne by the Commission of the African Union.

All the African Economists (those of the Continent like those of the Diaspora), all the
economists across the world who are interested in the problems of African economies as well as all the development partner institutions are invited to this important Congress which will be held during 2013 at a venue and date to be communicated at the appropriate time.

For more details, please contact:
Mr. Yeo Dossina, Ms. Fetun Getahun,
E-mail :;;
Tel: +251-11-552 6373; Fax: +251-11-551 0249,
African Union Commission, P.O. Box: 3243
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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