Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Mid-Week Madness:Why I won't vote in Ghana's Elections

Most Ghanaians woke up to a tremendous downpour this morning, leaving many stranded at home for later than usual.

As I made my way to work, I saw a familiar queue--that of Ghanaians waiting to register for the ongoing biometric registration near my area.

I sucked my teeth in disgust.

Forget the fact that it's an important step in our democratic dispensation. I like to think that I take heart in not voting (as I won't have my voter's ID), because I am deadset against getting a voters ID when I have yet to receive my national ID card--promised to be distributed me back in August/September 2011. Why must I vote when I don't have my National ID card yet? Why was money not sought to ensure nation-wide distribution of cards had taken place? And why did our esteemed agencies not ensure that national ID cards would be the de facto form of registration?

Simply put: I won't get a voter's ID card when I don't yet have my national ID card. My national ID card will live LONG after elections are over!

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