Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ghanaian Music: Drinking Deep -- or Not at All Cannot be a "D-Cryme"

It all started last Sunday when I decided to check out TV3's "Mentor Season VI" reality show. It's an okay show. In my view, it's decline started a few seasons ago when scandals abounded over the contestants and how some of them had taken loans to get their relatives to vote for them.

Still, there I was checking some of the contestants out, when I was captivated by one contestant--by the name of STONE--who performed a rendition of Dr.Cryme's "Kill Me Shy". I caught the recorder on time, and watched his performance like a judge. It wasn't so much for Stone as for the song he had performed. I re-call having watched D.Cryme's video late last year some time. Thought it was pretty innovative with all that "Gold Coast Idols".

Since then, I have literally been listening to a downloaded Mp3 recording of the song--alongside equally-popular Raquel and Sarkodie's "Sweetio". I added Okyeame Kwame's "Faithless" in my newly-established repertoire of great Ghanaian music for good measure!

Seriously speaking, there's a traditionally, melancholic, back-in-the-day feel to the tone of "Kill Me Shy". Truly and quintessentially twi-pop and classically Ghanaian. I really love the song. Check the rhythms out. It's killing me! If you have yet to listen to the song, I seriously entreat you to do so. From the lyrics to the bridge ("heart jump up, jump up!") to the ending, this truly is a masterpiece.

Where was I in enjoying great Ghanaian music all along?

Check the video out...and allow your body to do the dancing...kill me shy!;-D
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